AGM & GEL batteries

The most common type of battery for deep cycle applications are AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) and GEL. These batteries offer very unique features. They are totally sealed, have very fast recharge rates, are much smaller in size but have a similar capacity to a conventional battery. Deep Cycle Batteries are ideal for for caravans, RV’s, 4WD’s, golf carts, electric wheelchairs, telecommunications, UPS, and marine applications.

Solar panels

Red Arc Solar Panels are ideal for campers going off-road, and those who prefer unpowered sites. Solar Panels provide power for lighting, water pumps, laptops, and for charging the all-important phone battery. The size of the solar panel depends entirely on your power requirements and are available in many sizes, from 20w to 200w. Contact us on 4353 1895 for more details, or simply drop us a line via our Contact Page here.

Satellite kits

After 10 years in the communications and IT industry, Access Antennas and Satellites has expanded with agents Australia-wide. Our attitude and commitment towards offering extraordinary customer service sets us apart from the rest. When it comes to anything technical, we really know our stuff.

Digital antennas

The Saturn Caravan aerial has been designed by a TV antenna technician with over 40 years experience with TV reception for houses in country areas and nearly 20 of those years helping travellers solve their problems with TV reception in a difficult area.

Satellite systems

Intellisat Pty Ltd provide automatic satellite systems for motor homes and caravans. The AUTOSAT 2S Control is 100 percent compatible with FOXTEL, AUSTAR, AURORA and SELEC TV satellite receivers. The AUTOSAT 2S Control is easy to operate and very reliable, and is built for tough Australian conditions.

Suburban hot water

The Suburban line of RV water heaters includes high recovery gas and gas/eletric models with sizes and features to match the requirements of most RVs. Porcelain-lined, high tensile steel tanks are pressure tested twice for assurance of tank integrity and a long life. Automatic models feature direct spark ignition with a remote switch for on/life control from inside the RV.

Atwood hot water

Atwood is the largest manufacturer of specialised water heaters for recreation vehicles and marine use worldwide, with 30 years of experience building lightweight, reliable products for difficult mobile conditions. They are lightweight, fuel efficient and very serviceable.

Colorado awnings

The Carefree Colorado Simplicity Plus Awning is not only easy to set up but is easy on your budget. It is designed for the first time RV owner. Features a durable vinyl canopy and Weatherguard, the Simplicity series has a heavy-duty aluminum roller bar and strong hardware arm channels.

Fiamma awnings

More shade and less weight with Fiamma awnings – we invented the case awning for motorhomes and caravans. With the Fiammastor® awning you can double the living space of your vehicle in less than one minute. It offers a cool and covered open space outside and lowers temperature inside.

Dometic awnings

Dometic has the widest selection of awning models, fabrics, sizes, configurations, colors, and accessories of any manufacturer. From modular screen rooms to WeatherPro power awnings, our innovations make Dometic’s A&E Systems more convenient, versatile and enjoyable.